Catrike and the Copenhagen Wheel assist Available at Wildfire!

Wildfire is now a dealer of The Catrike line of Made in USA recumbent trikes.  We currently have an Eon Green Pocket and a red Expedition model Catrike available for test ride and purchase.

Wildfire is also now a dealer for Superpedestrian, Massachusetts based maker of the Copenhagen Wheel, a cordless easily retrofitted power assist system.  As you pedal, it adds power to each pedal stroke making you feel superhuman and allowing you to go faster and farther!

Call or email for more information, or to set up a time to check  out our now offerings!

Proto-Online Store now live!

Just launched a page called "Odds and Ends for Sale" which will morph into our on-line store over time.  At this stage, it doesn't yet include bikes or trikes, but various things, some of which we keep in stock, and some which are clearance type items. Be sure to check it out!

2018 New England Human Powered Vehicle Rally!

Mark your calendars - the 2018 New England Human Powered vehicle Rally will take place on Saturday, July 14, 2018 in Portland, Maine! Yesterday, the girls and I took a bike ride (first ride of the season for them) and scoped out Fort Allen Park on the Eastern Promenade Trail that I have been considering as the site of the 2018 New England Human Powered Vehicle rally.   It looks like it should work - It has a gazebo that would provide some shelter in the event of rain, or blazing sun and also offers some amazing views of Casco Bay and has some other interesting features as well.  Check back soon for more information on the Rally and other developments at

ICE Trikers Map

I recently found out about  The ICE Trike Owners Map.

At this point, I am the only ICE Owner listed in ME, but I know there are more, since Wildfire sold a number of them in our great state!  If you'd like to add yourself, it could make for a great way to connect with riding partners up our way. 

Spring is nearly sprung!

Here in Maine, sap in the sugar maples is flowing, and riding season is almost upon us!  If you are looking for a new recumbent ride, give us a shout and we can set you up!  We carry recumbent trikes by Steintrikes, ICE, Greenspeed, Trident, and more.  We can also get your current ride tuned up and ready to go, and springtime is a great time to add accessories since you'll get to enjoy them all season long.  All sorts of interesting things are in the works at Wildfire - the 2018 NE HPV Rally,  to name one. Stay tuned for more information.