"We Must be the change we wish to see in the world"

Although velomobiles are currently being used by some people in Europe as practical and environmentally responsible means of personal transportation, there are still relatively few being used in North America. Many people are aware that the supply of fossil fuels is finite and their overuse has negative environmental consequences - using a velomobile is a response to these challenges that is fun, healthy and can make economic sense.   This website is intended as a resource for those who are just curious, the prospective velomobile homebuilder as well as the individual considering purchasing a commercially produced, road ready machine (note that the "Purchasing a Velomobile page is down pending an update).

People often don't quite know how to categorize the velomobile.  Frederik Van De Walle, creator of the WAW velomobile,  wrote his masters thesis on the adoption of the velomobile as practical transportation.  In it, Van De Wall offers a different way of thinking about how velomobiles fit into the transporation mix. - Click Here to read this document .