Wildfire HPV
Summer 2018 Rentals

Wildfire Human Powered Vehicles, LLC

(207) 423-7360


Renting a recumbent cycle from Wildfire on your vacation in the Kennebunks is a great way to explore and get around town. 

We are offering select styles and models of trike for rental. Full day or longer rentals .  Delivery and pickup of rental unit is available for guests at select local Inn’s and Bed and Breakfasts. All other rentals can be picked up at Wildfire HPV in Arundel, ME.

Be sure to call or email to reserve your trike ahead of time!

Recumbent trike styles available:

Tadpole style: This style features two wheels in front that steer similar to those of a car. Tadpoles are generally a bit faster, with a lower seat height

Delta style: The delta style trike has two wheels in the back, and  generally have a bit of a higher seat, so they are easier to mount and dismount. 

Tandem Trikes: For even more fun, we offer trikes built for two! You can opt for the tadpole style or two delta’s can be coupled together to create a tandem.  












Rentals will be available from July 1, 2018 through the rest of the season, and we are currently accepting reservations for July 1 onward.

Contact us via phone or email  (see above) to make reservations and ensure that cycles are available for you.

Half day rentals are up to 4 hours and are available same day only.

All rentals are subject to trike availability.

Rental Pricing

Single trike - tadpole or delta:

Half day* - $20 .00  Full day - $35.00   Full Week - $185

Tandem trike - tadpole or delta

Half day* - $35.00 Full day - $55.00   Full Week - $285

*Half day rentals are up to 4 hours and are available same day only.